What is Roller Derby?

Roller Derby is a full contact sport played on quad skates. WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association) allows roller derby to played safely and professionally. In a jam, there are five players from each team on the track: 3 blockers, 1 pivot, and 1 jammer.

Jammers are the players with the stars on their helmet covers. Their job is to score points as quickly as possible.

Blockers are the players with normal helmets. Their job is to prevent the opposing Jammer from scoring, as well as getting their Jammer points.

Pivots are the players with the stripe on their helmet cover. Their job is to be a blocker with the potential of being the Jammer, if the current Jammer is passing their helmet cover.

If you want to learn more, head over to www.wftda.com!

I've never skated before/It's been a long time! Where do I even start??

Not to worry! Most of our team has started at the very bottom level! We will teach and coach you on how to skate, how to take and give hits, and everything else you will need to be on the team!

We have Fresh Meat who are learning with us, as well as Juniors who practice on Tuesdays with us. We have you meet our Minimum Requirements and pass a Skills Test, and make sure you are all set before we set you loose on the opponents.

The most important thing that we need from you is commitment! We will not give up on you, as long as you do not give up on yourself.

Where do you play?

Our home bouts are scheduled at the Kellogg Arena in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan.

36 West Hamblin Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49017

where do i go to practice?

Currently, we practice at the Burma Center in Springfield, Michigan.

765 Upton Ave, Springfield, MI 49037

I'm on another team and we want to play you! Who do I get in contact with?

Our Inter-league Coordinator is more than willing to help! Please contact Smackagawea at 1rachelhayes@gmail.com.